How to Care for Your Remy Hair?


Ever dealt with those annoying knots that seem to pop up out of nowhere? With Remy hair extensions, you can say goodbye to tangles for good. Thanks to their aligned cuticles, combing through them is a breeze.

Dreadlocks might be cool for some folks, but definitely not what you signed up for with hair extensions. Thankfully, Remy hair extensions steer clear of matting issues. They stay silky smooth for months on end.

Synthetic or non-Remy hair extensions might lose their shine quicker than you can say bad hair day. That's because they're usually treated with loads of chemicals. Virgin Remy hair extensions, on the other hand, can last up to a year with some TLC. Treat Remy extensions right, and they'll keep looking fabulous.

  • Bedtime basics of Remy hair that you should follow daily

Keep your Remy hair extensions in check by braiding or bun-ing them before bed. Pop on a silk or soft cap to keep everything in place overnight. No more morning tangles or shedding; just smooth, gorgeous hair. Taking care of Remy hair extensions before bed will save you lots of hassle in the morning.

Start your Remy hair care day right by running your fingers through your Remy hair to get it ready for styling. Brushing in one direction keeps tangles at bay. When you're washing, be gentle; no rough stuff here! Treat your locks with care and give them a weekly deep conditioning treatment for that added moisture. Your Virgin Remy hair will stay soft and fabulous!

  • Showering with Remy hair that you should never neglect

After showering, be sure to gently comb through your Remy hair to prevent knots. It's also a good idea to give your Remy hair a quick comb before you shower; it'll make styling post-shower a breeze. Check out shop Remy hair online when you are looking for the right comb.

If you have to blow-dry, opt for the lowest setting to keep your Remy locks happy. Perfect Remy locks hair is top-notch, but remember, proper care is essential. When you are wondering how to care for your Remy hair, avoid products with harsh ingredients that could harm or dry out your Remy hair.

  • Washing Remy hair to take the best care

Make sure you're giving your Remy hair extensions some love with a good wash; they need that moisture to shine! Stick to washing and conditioning them every three to five days to keep them looking fabulous. Opt for a nourishing conditioner and a mild shampoo to keep your Remy hair locks in top condition. 

To be extra safe, apply conditioner before shampooing to keep your Remy hair from drying out. And don't forget to coat your virgin Remy hair extensions with moisture similar to their natural oils to keep them in tip-top shape. After your shampoo and conditioner routine, rinse thoroughly and let your Remy hair air dry for a beautiful, shiny finish.

  • Coloring your Remy hair when you need to change the style

If you're thinking of coloring your Remy hair, a lace tint stick is the way to go. It's gentle yet super effective, giving you the Remy hair color you want without the damage. Unlike dyes, tint doesn't contain harsh chemicals like ammonia; it's all about those natural ingredients. Plus, the color just sits on the surface of your Remy hair, so no penetrating is necessary. 

Tint works its magic by attracting your Remy hair's natural charge, especially when it's wet. That's why it's best to apply the lace tint stick to Remy hair after a good wash. Keep in mind, that if your Remy hair's on the lighter side, the color will pop even more. Tinting Remy hair is perfect for darkening your hair a couple of shades, but we don't recommend trying to lighten it. 

  • Accessories For Taking Care of Remy Hair

With its elastic band and velcro snap, it fits snugly around most heads, ensuring all-day comfort. When you are planning how to care for your Remy hair, simply style your Remy hairline, edges, baby hairs, and lace; then pop that band on to keep your locks in place.

With its generous size of 26X23X10cm and handy pockets inside, it's perfect for keeping your Remy hair extensions and accessories organized. Plus, cleaning it is a piece of cake. Treat yourself like royalty and keep your hair essentials organized in style with this luxurious bag.

Loaded with essential oils to nourish and give your Remy hair that enviable shine, hair serum is your secret weapon for fighting frizz Remy hair and achieving that silky-smooth finish you crave. 

Whether your Remy hair's damp or dry, this hair serum has got you sorted. Just pump a bit into your palm, work it through your locks, and hello, refreshed Remy hair with a heavenly scent! Go ahead, and wash your Remy hair freely; knowing it's getting all the love it needs.

This lace tint stick is the secret weapon for hiding knots on lace wigs, frontals, and closures; it's like a non-oily lace concealer in a handy 8g size. Its smooth application makes blending a breeze, and you have the choice of shades 01 to 04 to match your skin tone perfectly. 

Applying the lace tint stick is a cinch: just turn the unit inside out and apply evenly to the lace until you're happy with the look. For extra precision, you can even use an application brush to apply the lace tint stick on the outside of the lace. 

Remy wax and straightening stick amazing meltdown, when combined with a straightener, ensures a sleek, non-stiff finish. For that extra flawless touch, try using the wax and straightening stick with a melt band. 

Give your Remy hair the ultimate makeover by applying the wax and straightening stick; and then running a flatiron or straightener through it. Say hello to smooth, silky Remy hair in a flash!

  • How to apply the right hair care products to Remy hair extensions

When it's Remy hair care time, remember to focus on the ends and length of your hair; avoid those adhesives like bonds or tapes. And if you've got long locks, handle them gently; no rough rubbing, just some gentle kneading to steer clear of knots. 

After a good wash, why not part your hair sideways and give it a dose of mask from the neck down? Don't skimp on showing your hair tips some love with hair serum and treatments. And for combing, grab that extension brush to keep things looking top-notch.

Remy hair extensions bring the shine game to a whole new level. Their aligned cuticles reflect light like a champ, giving you that natural, glamorous glow. Go and visit shop Remy hair online when you are looking for the best products for your wig.

Ever tried styling hair extensions that feel like they're made of straw? When you need the best products to take care of Remy hair extensions, visit Sexee Cheveux Wigs. Remy hair extensions, though, are a dream to style. Whether you're going for waves, curls, or straight locks, they'll be your trusty sidekick in creating the perfect look.

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