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Consultation for Hair Extensions | Virtual and Inter personal Consultations in Dallas, Texas

In today's fast-paced world, maintaining healthy hair and a positive self-image is essential. Sexee Cheveux is a leading beauty and wellness retailer dedicated to empowering women through personalized hair consultations and high-quality hair products. Whether you're looking for the perfect hair extensions, customized wigs, or emotional support through challenging times, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Consultation Services: Your Path to Hair Transformation and Self-Care

At Sexee Cheveux, we prioritize the well-being of our customers by offering comprehensive consultation services aimed at addressing various hair concerns and providing emotional support.

Hair and Scalp Assessment

  • Our licensed haircare professionals are committed to assessing your hair and scalp health.
  • If necessary, we will refer you to healthcare specialists to ensure you receive the best possible care.

Personalized Hair Solutions

  • Selecting Hair Extensions: We assist you in choosing hair extensions that complement your unique hair type, ensuring a seamless blend and natural look.
  • Wig Try-On Consultation: Book a consultation to try on different wig styles before making a purchase, allowing you to find the perfect fit and style for your individual preferences.
  • Guidance Through Wig Customization: We guide you through the entire wig customization process, from selecting desired extensions and closures to adding customization fees. Your customized wig will be meticulously constructed to your specifications, ready for shipping or pickup.

Emotional Support for Hair Loss Customers

  • We are dedicated to emotional support for customers experiencing hair loss due to Alopecia, offering a confidence boost and empowering self-esteem through their journey.
  • Our goal is to help all women look and feel confident, healthy, and happy, regardless of their challenges.

Specialized Hair Loss Consultations

  • For individuals dealing with hair loss due to various factors such as cancer treatment, alopecia, hormonal imbalances, or environmental influences, we offer specialized consultations to address their concerns.
  • Virtual consultations via Zoom are available for your convenience, while in-person consultations are offered locally in Dallas, TX. During in-person consultations, our hair transformation professionals will assess your hair and scalp health and make referrals to healthcare specialists if necessary. Please note that associated costs for healthcare appointments with these specialists are the responsibility of the client.

Premium Hair Products and Financing Options

  • We provide premium human hair wigs with 5x5 HD lace closures, 13x4 HD lace frontals, and tape-in hair extensions for the ultimate hair transformation experience.
  • Our consultants will guide you through the process of filing for virgin hair wigs, raw Cambodian hair wigs, or curly hair wigs through insurance, out-of-pocket payment, or payment plans, ensuring that you have access to the hair solutions you deserve.

How to Book a Hair Consultation

Our multi-specialty platform serves as a virtual bridge between beauty and healthcare, offering holistic solutions for managing hair loss and boosting self-esteem. Combining medical, psychological, and educational aspects, our consultations support women on their hair care journey. We may request photos to evaluate concerns and maintain your records.

Steps to Book a Hair Extensions Consultation - Sexeecheveuxwae

Steps to Book Your Consultation:

Visit Our Website: Navigate to our website to learn more about our Consultation and Customization options can be found under Wigs on the website menu. 

Choose Consultation Type: Decide whether you prefer a virtual consultation (Via Zoom Meetings) or an in-person consultation locally in Dallas, Texas (Saturdays Only) Open availability is subject to change.

Confirming booking: Get Your Booking Confirmed

Provide Information: We may request photos to evaluate the area of concern and to keep them in your file.

Confirm Booking: Once you’ve completed these simple steps to securing your appointment, you’ll receive two confirmation emails. One is for proof of deposit, followed by a calendar invite to select a convenient date and time for your consultation.

Book a consultation with Sexeecheveuxwae today and begin your journey to hair confidence and well-being. Looking for advice on hair loss, considering a wig, or exploring options for hair extensions, our professional team is here to guide you. Take the first steps to change and regain confidence. Contact us now to schedule your consultation!

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