Sexee Cheveux Wigs and Extensions is an ultimate beauty destination, specializing in premium human hair wigs, hair extension, and high-definition lace for an undetectable and natural appearance. Our e-commerce platform has been designed to provide women with an aesthetic enhancement to inspire self-confidence, and styling versatility without permanent change.


Sexee Cheveux Wigs and Extensions is committed to enhancing the individual beauty of women through high-quality innovative hair solutions.


Premium Quality: Our HD Lace is designed to have a natural, seamless blend with most hair textures.

Diverse Styles: A range of styles and lengths are available for individual expression.

Customization Services: We offer online and in-person consultations for wig fittings, assessments and solutions tailored to individual preferences.

Durability: Our commitment to quality ensures our products retain their luster, color, and texture with proper care.

Exceptional Customer Service: We provide comprehensive support, including online support, wig fitting, shop assistance, and professional healthcare referrals when needed.

Ethical Sourcing: Our types of hair starting with raw hair is responsibly sourced from one donor and our premium virgin hair is responsibly sourced from one or more donors and all cuticles aligning.

Customer Satisfaction: Our reputation for excellence is supported by positive reviews and a strong commitment to customer happiness.

Engaging Marketing: Find us across all major social platforms and email campaigns, we encourage joining our email list for the latest updates.

We actively contribute to community events and workshops, like the Dallas Black Business Expo, to foster, a community around our brand.



Our gorgeous Raw Cambodian hair is collected from a single donor, carefully selected, cleansed, properly stored, and has never been processed or chemically treated.

The cuticles of this hair are intact and naturally aligned in the same direction which reduces the risk of matting and tangling.

This luxury Raw Cambodian hair gives life to its natural volumized look and it’s beautiful texture is mildly glossed, soft to the touch, easy to curl and blends flawlessly with most textures. Your close ups are going to come with confidence and rainy days you’re going to love because our Raw Cambodian hair has this gorgeous wavy pattern that is enhanced when wet to give you a whole new Sexee style in a matter of seconds.

We hope that you’ll love it!



Our gorgeous Virgin Hair is collected from one or more donors and has been inspected, cleansed, and properly stored. This fine grade of natural unprocessed hair blends seamlessly with most textures and can be colored.
Our virgin hair has a medium luster that gives most natural and relaxed textures their picture-perfect look and fitting for a shake- and -go or thermal press and most importantly our hair will revert into its natural pattern after each shampoo and conditioning.


I am Natasha G. Timmons the Founder of Sexee Cheveux Wigs And Extensions.

My upbringing was surrounded in hair care, closely observing the practices of my gram, aunts, and mother. This exposure instilled in me a profound appreciation for hair texture, color, and styling. By the age of 13, I had my first experience with hair extensions, and soon after, I learned to install hair extensions for my mother, who was experiencing significant hair loss. In 2009, I achieved my cosmetology license, followed by several other noteworthy qualifications. In 2013, I discovered the distinctive brand name 'Sexee Cheveux Wigs And Extensions'. Nine years later, I formally established it as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), effectively merging beauty with healthcare. The following year, I secured a National Providers Registry (NPI) number, enabling the filing of wigs under insurance, entitling me as a Cranial Prosthesis Specialist. My personal journey through breast cancer shifted my focus towards Black and Brown women suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions such as alopecia and chemotherapy. Extensive research revealed the limited selection of medical wigs available for Black and Brown women, particularly in terms of style, texture, and appeal which are major factors for empowering self-esteem. In response, I introduced a collection of premium hair wigs and extensions, designed to provide an immediate transformation in appearance, aesthetic enhancement, and style versatility that resonates with most hair textures.
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